105CrW6 DIN1.2419 SKS31 O7 Cold Working Die Steel

105CrW6 DIN1.2419 SKS31 O7 Cold Working Die Steel o7 cold working die steel 105CrW6 DIN1.2419 SKS31 O7 Cold Working Die Steel 105CrW6 DIN1

105CrW6 DIN1.2419 SKS31 O7 Cold Working Die Steel


O7 Cold Working Die Steel is one kinds of oil hardening cold working die steel, which consists of chromium and manganese, and has higher tungsten content than grade O1. The O7 steel has the best wear resistance among the O series steels, however, it has relatively low hardenability.


Cutting and punching tools for sheet thickness up to 6 mm, also for paper and plastics, roll shear blades for sheet thickness up to 6 mm, small bending and drawing tools, thread cutting tools, reamers, woodworking tools, gauges and other measuring tools, small inserts and plastic moulds.

Quality Standard:

ASTM A681 – 08 Standard Specification for Tool Steels Alloy.
BS EN ISO 4957 Tool Steel
JIS G4404 Alloy Tool Steel

All Grades Comparison:

ASTM Material No. EN JIS GB
O7 1.2419 105WCr6 SKS31 CrWMn

Chemical Composition(%)

Steel Grade C Si Mn P S Cr V W Mo
O7 1.10-1.30 0.10-0.60 0.20-1.00 0.030 max 0.030 max 0.35-0.85 0.15-0.40 1.00-2.00 0.30 max
SKS31 0.95-1.05 0.35 max 0.90-1.20 0.030 max 0.030 max 0.80-1.20 / 1.00-1.50 /
105WCr6 1.00-1.10 0.1-0.40 0.80-1.10 0.030 max 0.030 max 0.90-1.10 / 1.00-1.30 /
CrWMn 0.90-1.05 0.40 max 0.80-1.10 0.030 max 0.030 max 0.90-1.20 / 1.20-1.60 /


    • FORGING: Hot forming temperature: 1050-850oC
    • SOFT ANNEALING: Heat to 720-750oC, cool slowly in furnace. This will produce a maximum Brinell hardness of 230.
    • STRESS RELIEVING:Stress relieving to remove machining stresses should be carried out by heating to approx. 650oC, holding for 1-2 hours at heat, followed by air cooling. This operation is performed to reduce distortion during heat treatment.
    • HARDENING:Harden from a temperature of 800-830oC followed by oil quenching or warm bath quenching approx. 200oC. Hardness after quenching is 63-65 HRC.
    • TEMPERING: Tempering temperature: See the data bellow.
Tempering Temperature Hardness(HRC)
100oC 64
200oC 61
300oC 58
400oC 54
500oC 49
600oC 41
650oC 30

Mill′s test certificate:

EN 10204/3.1 with all relevant data reg. chem. composition, mech. properties and results of testing.

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