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Belgian mills have conceded discounts for hot rolled coil, in July, according to MEPS. Buyers foresee additional discounts being offered in the short term.

Cold rolled coil prices have decreased. Chinese and Russian material is arriving in the country through Italy. Coated coil selling figures have also reduced. Buyers are expecting considerable quantities of third country material to arrive in Antwerp during the summer holiday period.

Drawing quality wire rod prices remain steady in Belgium. Demand continues to be subdued. Discounts have been reported for large structural section orders. Technical problems at CSN’s mill in Thüringen have forced the plant to close until after the summer holidays. This is making buyers nervous. Consequently, some customers are ordering from alternative suppliers. Price increases are expected in the short term as mills’ order books are filling up

A price increase has been noted in the rebar market. Service centres reported better order books for June, following a quiet May. The construction sector is holding up well. Higher prices are unlikely to be secured during the holiday season.

Merchant bar transaction values have softened. Beltrame is attempting to increase size extras. However, other suppliers have not done so. Consequently, they have not been accepted in the market. Distributors’ resale prices remain low.