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120WV4 1.2516 Cold Working Tool Steel

120WV4 1.2516 Cold Working Tool Steel 1.2516 cold working tool steel 120WV4 1.2516 Cold Working Tool Steel 120WV4 1

120WV4 1.2516 Cold Working Tool Steel


Low alloyed W cold working tool steel.


Twist drills and tapes, ejectors, punches, reamers, countersinks, engraving tools, metal cutting saws. Usually delivered as silver steel.

Quality Standard:

BS EN ISO 4957 Tool Steel

All Grades Comparison:

Material No. EN
1.2516 120WV4

Chemical Composition(%)

C Si Mn P S Cr W V
1.15-1.25 0.15-0.30 0.20-0.35 0.035 max 0.035 max 0.15-0.25 0.90-1.10 0.07-0.12


  • SOFT ANNEALING: Heat to 720-750oC, cool slowly in furnace. This will produce a maximum Brinell hardness of 230.
  • STRESS RELIEVING:Stress relieving to remove machining stresses should be carried out by heating to approx. 650oC, holding for 1-2 hours at heat, followed by air cooling. This operation is performed to reduce distortion during heat treatment.
  • HARDENING:Harden from a temperature of 760-820oC, 800-840oC followed by water or oil quenching. Hardness after quenching is 64-66 HRC.
  • TEMPERING: Tempering temperature: 150-250oC. See the data bellow.
Tempering Temperature Hardness(HRC)
100oC 66
200oC 65
300oC 59
400oC 53

Mill′s test certificate:

EN 10204/3.1 with all relevant data reg. chem. composition, mech. properties and results of testing.